Vintage Market Weekend

The arrival of spring means different things for different people. For designers, it’s the awakening not only of a new season but of unlimited possibilities. Like every other season, spring offers something unique that cannot be found at any other time of the year. For designers, this could be a new color palette, a remodel on a fabulous outdoor room, and of course, antique and flea markets.

This weekend, SAGE principal designer Jennifer Michele brought in spring with a visit to the Vintage Whites Market. Vintage Whites is a seasonal market which began in Montana and has now expanded to multiple states in the west.

There is a misconception that these types of markets are geared for cottage-styles homes. However, vendors at these markets offer many types of pieces from Mountain Rustic to Modern Country to Lakeside Cottage; there is almost always something for everyone's decorating style. We believe in blending the new with the old to create comfortable home environments for our clients, and antique markets can be treasure troves.

When scoping out a flea market, farmer's market, or the Vintage White’s Market, having something to carry all those treasures is a must. One of our designers loves shopping carts—a person absolutely needs to be able to shop without carrying around all those packages.

Here is a great example of a fun yet functional shopping cart.

While it’s fun to find an antique cart, we recommend buying a newer cart and then making it your own by creating a beautiful liner, or buying a custom liner. You can also find liners through Etsy. You want the piece to be sturdy because not all the surfaces of these markets are flat; sometimes we are fighting the grass, sturdy wheels make all the difference.

As we come into the season when markets begin to pop up all over the country (and abroad) don't forget your shopping basket, a comfortable pair of shoes, and if you're not sure what to get or what to do, an interior designer. Most importantly, have fun and imagine the possibilities.

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