Traveling Designer in Beverly Hills

Our goal is to broaden our boutique design firm concept on a global scale. Montana is ripe with endless inspiration for a variety of preferences, and we desire to instill that influence into our projects, regardless of the location. From Whitefish to Beverly Hills or Alberta to North Carolina, we embrace distinctive design elements wherever we go.

Principal designer Jennifer Michele welcomed the unique and stunning surroundings of the Viceroy L'Ermitage in Beverly Hills while on location for two projects in the Hollywood Hills. Jennifer comments, "This cosmopolitan hotel offers the ultimate luxuries, yet still manages to offer the comforts of home. It's a beautiful place."

Above image: Jennifer taking a stroll down Rodeo Drive admiring the Versace building

"From the well-appointed to rooms to the beautiful architecture, the Viceroy L'Ermitage has an incredibly stunning atmosphere for an interior designer."

From the impressive artwork to the gorgeous floor design, there's a sense that you've walked into a one-of-a-kind experience. Jennifer comments, "Sophistication blends with modern vibes and a sense of deep-rooted style and culture. They aren't afraid to be edgy, and it's important for designers to seize upon new styles and concepts. When combined in harmony, nature and design can offer tranquility without sacrificing individuality."

"Interior Design at its core should create a balanced atmosphere of peace and personality." JENNIFER MICHELE

Above & Below Images: Enjoying the uniqueness of Kelly Wearstler's showroom, one of Jennifer's design icons.

"Elegance shouldn't negate comfort. Beautiful design should also possess the qualities of function and comfort. Every piece in a room should serve a purpose, whether to offer convenience or pleasure, gratification or enjoyment. Great care goes into every element, and each becomes part of a cohesive design meant to satisfy and enhance. Great design tells a story of how you want to live the life you've imagined. It's empowering."

Our projects span luxury mountain modern homes and boutique hotels in Whitefish, MT, to exquisite remodels in the Hollywood Hills and a mid-century rustic design in Alberta.

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