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Tips for Decorating Your Space

Your space should be a reflection of you while offering comfort and function. Here we offer a few tips on how to decorate your space.

Determine your style

Your style is your personality. When you walk in the front door, think about how you want the space to feel: traditional, formal, elegant? Maybe you prefer playful and inviting? Monochromatic or modern? The vast number of options can seem overwhelming, but once you figure that out, the rest starts to come together.

Style is one of the key elements that must be determined when starting a new project. Jennifer Michele's personality and design style is eclectic. Below are two of her projects. One has a distinct mountain style while the other is an eclectic blend of mountain and modern. Each project is a reflection of the owner's personal tastes.

Find inspiration in your travels, your hobbies, or even in places you've stayed like a rustic lodge or a funky, modern restaurant. Perhaps you saw a perfect vintage piece of furniture at a flea market and what to build your room around that. What speaks to you?

Jennifer loves coffee tables, and whenever she finds a new book or something from her travels, she incorporates it into her decor, because her home is a reflection of her personality.

Building around your space

Space planning, which impacts scale, is very important. Use furniture that fits the space. People often select pieces that are too big or small, but what you need is balance. We do this by establishing zones. Have a cozy lounging area perfect for conversation. Another "zone" in the same room can have a game table for family activities or a game of chess. Pick a place where you want to watch T.V. or set up a desk area for kids' homework. Think of the visual weight distribution to balance out the space.

The Firebrand Hotel in Whitefish, Montana, was a really fun project. As you can see below, the space is quite large and open, so we created "zones" with smaller, and cozy, groupings.

Pick your paint color and sample it

Paint selection is one of the most important and cost-effective decisions you'll make for your home's interior. Proper paint choices harmoniously connect space, which is why it's important to consider the house as a whole.

Colors affect mood. Some colors make people happy, some calm, and others bring on agitation. Sample the paint colors at different times of the day; in natural light and evening light to make sure you're pleased with the selection before making an investment. Rooms can be painted over, but with the right paint color as a backdrop, you can change your decor without the hassle and expense of changing your walls every few years.

Pick high and low price points

Your home should be comfortable, as should the furniture and accessories in it. However, keep in mind budget and quality when shopping. Sometimes the higher price point is not always better. Splurge a little on your sofa because you want something that will last and is made of good, natural materials, but find vintage pillows from a flea market or consignment shop.

The items in your home should be more than "things." They tell a story of who you are and what you like, and each piece should be given careful consideration. Find art or furniture from an unknown or lesser-known designer that fits your needs and wants. Invest in a beautiful sculpture or well-designed antique from your travels. There is no rule that a $100 throw pillow can't be mixed with a $2,000 sofa. Be creative and don't be afraid to mix high and low price points.

Tell us about your home decorating adventures!


Do you have questions? Are you uncertain where to start with your home makeover or new design? Ask us about our design services, which range from e-design to full-scale, on-site interior design. At JM, there is no project too big or small and our eclectic tastes delight in working with them all.