Simplicity + Greenery

No matter the season, we find that completing a space requires some type of greenery. Adding plants and trees to our showroom, projects, and our own homes gives us a sense of fulfillment. We went through some of our favorite greenery concepts and compiled a few examples on how to add life to your home.

Daly Digs - Becky Daly

The simplicity encompassed in Becky Daly's Florida home shows just how perfect a space can be with a little bit of green. With a bright and airy home like this, adding in fun metals and ceramics for planters makes for a flawless touch of decor.

Visit the Daly Digs blog here.

Planting Pink - Morgan Doane

What we loved about Morgan Doane's style from Planting Pink was how versatile plants can be. Doane showcases this adaptability through her feed on Instagram using vibrant and mellow colors with an assortment of live plants. Whether you are going for an electric or monochromatic look, nearly all plants suite both styles.

Learn more about Planting Pink here.


When it comes to plants, we quickly found out that Plantwares makes every room better with a touch of nature (and Jolene the cat). These simple planters can suite your living room, office, and every space in between.

You can check out Plantwares' shop here.

Room for Wanderlust - Kristin

Renovating, rearranging, and re-doing calls for a fresh take on a old space. Kristin of Room for Wanderlust added in small touches of plants to her 1940's renovation project home. The contrast of the planters, the wall color, and the plants themselves all tie together easily.

Changing up a space is so simple with the addition of greenery. As Jennifer would say, "Nothing is complete without a tree or a plant."

- JM Interiors


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