JM Designer in Palm Springs

Jennifer Michele recently had the pleasure of traveling to Palm Springs on design business, where they stayed at a landmark house designed and owned by the late renowned architect, Albert Frey. Frey was a famous designer who created what is known as an iconic mid-century modern design. One of the homes is part of the Palm Springs Art Museum Special Collections.

Jennifer comments, "The Frey house we stayed in is 50+ years old. It was awesome to stay in this iconic house. Also, we were able to see one of our sites, which is currently vacant land but the desert views were pretty amazing and we loved the layout. We are working with a private development company based out of Joshua Tree to create desert retreats and we are loving the outcome of the design. Our tastes are eclectic when it comes to our design projects, and we were excited to explore yet another aspect of what we can do. And . . . it was also fun to be pool side and enjoy the sun for a short while."

Below, Jennifer share some images from her visit.

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