Climbing Trees with SAGE Interior Designers

SAGE team members Jennifer and Melinda chat about tree houses . . . and yes, they’re for adults, too! Tree houses run from elaborate and luxurious to simple and rustic. At SAGE, we've had the pleasure of working on a few of these projects, and every interior is unique . . . not to mention a lot of fun to design.

Melinda: Tree houses aren’t just for kids anymore. What is it about luxury tree houses that people find appealing?

Jennifer: It’s like going back to being a kid… It’s a little getaway from the normal. It’s off the grid so, no cell phone and no computer can add the serenity that people are looking for. Enjoying the woods once again and getting your soul back to nature. You can turn off the clock!

Melinda: Are these simple guest houses, or do they have other uses?

Jennifer: They are rather small to be considering a guest house, so creativity has to play a big part in the layout. It’s like fitting a kitchen, bathroom, living space and a bedroom into a very small space. But with the architect and the designer working together, we are able to pull it off.

Melinda: What do you find most enjoyable about these projects?

Jennifer: The challenge. Every small space has a challenge and we love that at Sage ID. Also, we love the creativity behind these unique projects; finding a small space and making it look so cozy you don’t want to leave. In the end, that’s the pay off.

Looking for your own luxury or rustic tree house? Contact Jennifer and Colton today!

Images from this post are from a tree house project in Coeur d'Alene. The interior was designed by SAGE designer, Colton Martini.