A Guide to Welcoming Spring into Your Home

When a season changes, so does your home. It is always so exciting for me to bring in thick, cozy blankets for winter along with moody throw pillows and spicy candles. I adore winter, but by the time spring rolls around, I am ecstatic. Spring brings a new beginning and a fresh feel after all of the cold, icy days.

My team and I wanted to highlight some of the things that we do to liven up our homes to welcome spring. The term “spring cleaning” is a great reference when it comes to putting winter behind us. Below you’ll find four things we all do to freshen up our homes for the new season.

1. Replace those thick, wool blankets with something lighter.

When we switch out our linens and blankets for something softer and lighter, a weight is lifted from the space that feels airy. This refreshing feeling is perfect for a relaxed day at home with the family. These three throws are my favorite here in our shop.

2. Add some fun succulents, air plants, or trees.

Greenery is always a great way to transform a space. Springtime is perfect for bringing in fresh florals, fun greenery, and trees. One of our favorites here at The Sage House is air plants. Air plants are great for the individual who may not have a green thumb or who wants a low-maintenance plant. We only water our air plants once a month by soaking them in a bowl of water and they stay happy.

3. Add a bit of nature in your home.

With greenery comes florals. Bringing in brightly colored or textured vases and flowers are a sure way to showcase a brighter feel in your home. We love the thought of bringing the outdoors in and choose or mimic florals that are naturally in bloom around Montana.

4. Trade in the cozy candles for fresh scents.

Bringing in the perfect scent wraps a whole space together. Replace those cinnamon candles with a floral scent to replicate spring air indoors.

With lighter linens, greenery, florals, and the perfect scent, your home is guaranteed to feel fresh for spring. Just like with any season, dressing your home accordingly with the weather brings a little piece of happiness for all.

Saying goodbye to winter makes me so excited for warmer days. I can't wait to share more exciting ideas and adventures in the next coming months.

- Jennifer Michele


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