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A Designer's Creative Escape in St. Lucia

The creative mind is a combination of imagination, talent, and hard work. At SAGE, our designers do what they do best because they love the work, and they love to create and enhance beautiful spaces. They also love beauty in its many forms, and sometimes it helps to step outside of themselves to recharge their artistic senses and appreciate design found in other places.

Principal designer and SAGE founder, Jennifer Michele, found such a place in St. Lucia. The Viceroy Resort in Sugar Beach stood out during her searches for a new place to explore, both for its white sand beaches as for its history and stunning architecture. Tucked away in the stunning Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia was once a member of the Federation of the West Indies and is now a getaway destination of luxury, adventure, and relaxation.

Sugar Beach, Viceroy Resort, between St. Lucia’s Pitons, two mountainous volcano spires, was originally the Jalousie Plantation, an 18th-century sugar plantation that became a resort in the 1990s. The original plantation house had been built by French settlers in the mid-1700s. Jalousie, meaning jealousy in creole, was “discovered” by Colin Tennant, aka Lord Glenconner, with plans to turn it into a luxury destination, much has he had done with nearby Mustique. A few owners later, and the once neglected sugar plantation became the luxurious getaway it is now: Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort.

Jennifer comments, “I pay attention to details when I travel, from décor to service. We took a tour of the grounds in a "Tuk Tuk," a local mode of transportation, and were amazed how big the property was. The history of the sugar plantation was intriguing, and even more impressive when you see that it has become one of the most elite playgrounds in the world. We were honored to meet and talk with the Prime Minster, Allen Chastanet, of St. Lucia at the resort. We listened to what was said about the economy of St. Lucia and the plans for it in the near future.

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Jennifer continues, "After dining with the Prime Minster and being escorted around the property, we had to indulge in the Rain Forest Spa. SAGE has installed many tree houses for HGTV, and the tree houses we saw at the resort blew our mind. They have private rock pools and air conditioning; it was a true rainforest spa. The resort exteriors and interiors from the great hall to the forest huts and beachfront bungalows, were works of arts. Of course, you can't go to St. Lucia without sailing on the Caribbean Sea. The sight of the majestic Pitons from the water was like viewing a picture-perfect postcard. I highly recommended adding Viceroy Resort at Sugar Beach to your bucket list!"

All images in this blog were taken by Jennifer Michele on location in St. Lucia and Sugar Beach.

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